You are now undoubtedly inundated with company updates about how they are protecting you and their employees from the Coronavirus.

We, too, take this pandemic seriously and are taking steps to limit your exposure to this disease.

In our offices, all surfaces are disinfected after each client contact – desks, chairs, doorknobs and our restroom facilities.

We are now in lockdown – under mandate by the Federal, States and local governments.

Due to this crisis, we have been requested to go into self-quarantine with limited contact with the outside world.  But our tax returns are still due on April 15th!  The tax deadlines are only weeks away.

Our secure portal is available 24/7. You can upload your tax documents into our secure portal.  If you do not know the link or forgot your password, let us know and we will provide you with this information.  If you own a smartphone, you can take photos of your documents and send them through the portal.  Canopy Tax is available as an app through Play Store.

When your tax return is complete, we will upload your return for your review.  We will schedule a time to call you, or if you prefer, we will set up a meeting via Zoom® to go over your return and any other concerns you may have for this year or the future….such as upcoming retirement, college savings, making ends meet, establishing business goals and planning for success.


We welcome you!  You, too, can avail yourself of our state-of-the art technology to have your tax returns professionally prepared and electronically filed. Go to the Contact Now link on our website.  Include a message that you would like us to professionally prepare your tax return this year.  We do require a $50 deposit to set up access to our portal – which you can pay through our Make a Payment link via PayPal for setting up your account.  This deposit will be applied to your final bill.  This is not a set-up fee – only a deposit so we know you are serious about using our services.

We are here to help you in the comfort of your home!

You will receive an invitation to our Secure Portal where you can upload your documents.  A Tax Organizer will be available for download.  We will require copies of your Drivers’ license (front and back) along with a completed Questionnaire, Tax Organizer (page 5) and signed Letter of Engagement – these forms are in the Tax Organizer.  Make sure to include a telephone number.  Please upload copies of your 2018 tax returns (Federal and State(s)) and if you have it, a copy of your 2017 tax returns.

Your returns will be processed within 4 business days.  If there is additional information and/or documentation needed to complete your return, we will contact you via email.

Before we process your return for e-filing, we require that your bill is paid in full.  You can make your payment via the Make A Payment link within our website.

In spite of these trying times, at least you will have peace of mind knowing that your tax returns will be professionally prepared and filed on time – without additional penalties and interest imposed by the IRS.