Our Best Work

Beyond income tax preparation and filing, we focus on three facets of a financial nature:

Business Accountability

Or otherwise called, Chief Financial Officer…vital because Owners and Executives most often fail to gather the most important data relative to all facets of the entity. Success is achieved through evaluating results and corrective measures that follow. Trapped by their “busyness,” old school beliefs, failure to evaluate and place human capital for peak productivity, failure to pursue current technology advancements, leaning on labor intensity rather than innovation, and/or just fatigued from the “race to succeed,” ignoring business results fail to provide a path for the lifestyle you desire for so much responsibility.

Trusts and Finalizing Estates

Age has caught up as our society grows older. Triggered by death, governments would like to receive a portion of the assets of the deceased. The US Government has recently increased the value allowed to pass to heirs without subtracting a federal share. States have not been so generous and continue to want their “due.”

We have extensive experience and expertise complying with and greatly limiting government expectations.

IRS Tax Resolution and Representation

None of us want to deal with the IRS and the far-reaching arm of the Justice Department. Focus on resolving your obligation. You can hide but you cannot escape the tentacles of our revenue system. Hear clearly what follows: “Do Not Face an IRS Agent Eye to Eye!” We will represent you throughout the process. Our goal: minimize your commitment!