Why Hire Us

You have nearly unlimited choices for your tax work and representation.

No secret – taxes become more complex every year. Historically, 2018 will represent the most dramatic tax transitions in the USA (my opinion). Every attempt at simplification leads to more complexity.

Frankly, I cannot know everything. So I have surrounded myself with a team of individuals from several different financial disciplines trained to help me focus on what is best for you.

Tax work is a small part of what we do, albeit significant. Real life experience matters. Only the professional who has lived in your shoes and commits to delivering that one “best” outcome for you will suffice.

In my case, I worked successfully for a Fortune 500 company, managed small businesses, worked as an accountant in the medical industry and as an educator of entrepreneurs. Twenty two years ago, I became an Enrolled Agent, earning the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. Recognizing that the world is dynamic – rapidly changing through technology, globally, socially, I earned my MBA so I could better serve you.

I followed a narrow, winding, clinical path of employment, experiences and study which prepared me to identify best practices. I focus and produce successful results for you.

Let us be honest Рif you could have done it (reached your ideal) without assistance, you would have done it by now. A wise person knows their limitations, seeks appropriate advice and commits to accountability for implementation. If you are wise, we can help you! Contact elizabeth.simeone.ea@gmail.com