Power of Fear

From our view, FEAR stifles energy and productive activity. Fear appears to rule most of nearly everyone’s days. Do you recognize the following indicators?

  • Fear of losing out, missing the mark, loss of a client/customer
  • Fear of trepidation and backlash, confrontation, moving out of your “normal”
  • Fear of providing bold guidance then defaulting to offering options
  • Fear of asking the poignant, “What were you Thinking?”
  • Fear of debate (which shutters the mouths of wisdom that could make a difference)

All of the above lead to pitiful results! Not that we should ignore fear, but embrace it.

In order to eradicate the unwanted results of fear:

  1. Acknowledge the emotion.
  2. Thoughtfully ask yourself, and decide “what is the worst case result?”
  3. Tell yourself the truth about the impact on you or your business of the worst case
  4. Enjoy and celebrate as you experience mental freedom as a result.

The process works every time!

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You only have your sanity, lifestyle and success to gain!

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